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Harry Styles-She

Thin Film Technology

The subject of lecture is to understand the importance of thin film technologies in semiconductor industries. Hence, this lecture covers 1) fundamental mechanisms of thin film formation, 2) vacuum technologies for high-quality films, 3) film formation technologies (evaporation, sputtering, epitaxy, etc.), 4) film patterning processes, 5) film characterization methods, and 6) film reliability. More importantly, state-of-the-art thin film technologies and their crucial challenges are discussed.

2022 Spring Semester

Introduction to MSE

The subject of lecture is to be confident that your major, materials science and engineering (MSE), is really essential in our world and for your future. Hence, in this lecture, you will recognize MSE in our life such as foldable phones, electric cars, smart glasses, flash solid-state drive, neuromorphic sensor/memory, etc. In addition, this lecture will cover basic principles in properties of various materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites. To understand the properties, (1) interatomic bonding, (2) microstructures, (3) defects and (4) materials kinetics will be studied.

2023 Spring Semester

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